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Fine Israeli and Intl. Art, November 16th, 2015.
19436. Mythic Figure By Jose (Joseph) Gurvich 1927 - 1974

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Mythic Figure
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Signed (on base)

Painted ceramic and stone

Height: 15 cm (including base)


Jose (Joseph) Gurvich (1927-1974) Jewish, Uruguayan Painter. Gurvich was born in rural Lithuania, in the heart of a Jewish village in 1927 under the name Zusmananas Gurvicius. He died in New York in 1974. Gurvich left for Uruguay in 1932, and in 1942 he began to study at the National School of Fine Arts. Since 1944 he worked in the studio of Joaquin Torres Garcia. In 1954 he traveled to Europe and in 1955 he settled in Kibbutz Ramot Menasche in Israel. In 1956 he returned to Europe and in 1963 he moved back to Montevideo. In 1964 he spent another year in Kibbutz Ramot Menasche. In 1970 he moved to New York. He eventually became one of Uruguays leading artists, mining the fields of art historical traditions from realism to modernism and constructivism. Living and working in Israel in 1955, he began to blend his Jewish heritage into his artistic vocabulary. His works on Jewish themes include fanciful landscapes, dreamscapes, and scenes of the immigration experience.

Estimate: $1,000/$1,500

Location: Israel

Number of Bids: 8

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