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After Sale - Works on Paper and Additional Works, Reduced Prices | January 2016.
19872. Hallelujah By Moshe Castel 1909 - 1991

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Signed (lower right)

Oil on paper laid on canvas

Date Created
c. 1955

32.5 x 49.5 cm

Good, fine craquelure.

Moshe Castel, Painter. born 1909 in Jerusalem, to prestigious family descended from Jews expelled from Spain. Died 1991 in Tel Aviv. Studies: 1922-25 Bezalel, Jerusalem; Paris where he stayed until 1940. Prizes: 1946 Dizengoff Prize; 1958 Independence Day Poster; 1959 Prize at Brazil Biennale. First paintings were landscapes and portraits of Jewish types in Oriental style; in the 1940s mystical paintings of the French School, in Safed; later abstracts, designed logos, souvenirs and murals, one of which was for the Accadia Hotel. He used lettering as the inspiration for pictures, two in the Knesset and in the President's Residence. 1947 Was a founder of the New Horizons Group.

Estimate: $2,400/$3,200

Location: Israel

Number of Bids: 5

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