Frequently Asked Questions
About Hammersite
Founded in late 1999, Hammersite Inc. is dedicated to providing investment-grade art to an international clientele of artists, dealers, art lovers and collectors. By marrying the 20 years of experience and renowned reputation of Ben-Ami auctioneers with the global reach and accessibility of the internet, we provide art sellers and buyers with unmatched convenience, value, service, and ease of use. In our years of operation we have sold thousands of items, from Persian rugs to Chagalls, from to Janco to Picasso and Rubin. Auctions run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with new items arriving every day.

1. Q: To whom do the paintings in the auction belong?
A: The items on auction belong to various sellers: works on a consignment basis. We receive the paintings from estates, collectors and private individuals and put them on our site for auction. Our income is from the commission charged from the buyer and the seller. None of the items for sale belong to the company.

2. Q: How long does an auction last?
A: Usually our auctions last 24 hours from the first bid on each lot. For example, if the first bid on a certain item is placed at 16:15, bidding on this item will last until 16:15 the following day.

3. Q: When does an auction on an item start?
A: The auction starts at the moment the first bid is placed on the item. At that moment a countdown will start (visible on the top of the item's page) and show the users the time remaining until the item's auction will close.

4. Q: What is the commission charged from the seller?
A: As can be seen in the Seller's Guide , usually it is between 10% to 15% (and not less than $100 on any single item), but on desired and high value paintings it can drop down.

5. Q: What is the buyer's commission?
A: See the Buyer's Guide.

6. Q: Who pays for the delivery?
A: Since's platform is based on commissions only, the buyer or seller are responsible for all shipping expenses.

7. Q: What is the delivery process of a purchased item?
A: The buyer can hire a shipping service or ask Hammersite to assist with packaging and shipment. For more details see Shipping & Handling.

8. Q: What is a maximum bid?
A: The maximum bid is a special service provided by so that bidders will not have to stay online at auctions, but are able to enter a maximum bid that the system will defend automatically. This allows people to place a bid at their leisure for the maximum amount they want. The maximum bid is not necessarily the amount the bidder will pay. If the client remains the sole bidder on a lower amount, then that is the amount he/she will pay. Only if he/she is outbidded will the system increase the bid, up to the amount of the maximum bid.

9. Q: Is it possible to view the items?
A: All the items are on display at the gallery. People are invited to preview all items during special preview hours before an auction. Our address: 40 Tagore St. Ramat-Aviv, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

10. Q: How do I know whether I won an auction?
A: The system automatically sends an e-mail to the winning bidder with the total due: hammer-price, the commission and the V.A.T charged. This item may also be seen on the results page with the hammer-price plus the buyer's commission only. Do not regard this as an invoice!

11. Q: I don't live in Israel, why do I have to pay the V.A.T. ?
A: The V.A.T is charged only on the commission, which is a service rendered in Israel, not on the full amount of the purchase. If you live outside Israel and ship the item from Hammersite with legal export documentation, you are exempt from V.A.T. You can also avoid the V.A.T by using a customs agent and picking up the item at the airport. However, this service is quite costly.

12. Q: I have some items that I wish to sell, what is the procedure?
A: There are two possibilities:
  i. Contact us at our offices and after giving us as much detail as possible on the item we will schedule an appointment for appraisal:
    Phone No: 972-3-7441272
    Fax No: 972-3-7441273
  ii. On our site's toolbar there is a "sell" icon, by entering that you are required to fill out a form with all the necessary details on you and your item. We will review this information and contact you promptly.
  iii. Another way to consign items is by writing an e-mail to our offices with the relevant information with an attached picture of the item.

13. Q: What guaranty do you provide?
A: A: We guaranty the authenticity of all the items sold on our site. For more details please view the user's guide.

14. Q: I forgot my password. How do I enter my account?
A: Press the "Sign In" on the site homepage, where you will find a link to retrieve you password.

15. Q: I don't have access to a computer, how do I bid?
A: Fax us a signed statement including the maximum bid you wish to place, and we will place the bid on your behalf. Contact us in order to receive a maximum bid form.