Lot #21321

Abstract Composition with Figures By Vered Gersztenkorn

estimate: $1200 - $1400

starting price: $900

closing price: $1000

Description: Signed and dated on upper part
technique: Acrylic on canvas
description: Signed and dated on upper part
Dimension: 80 x 80 cm
condition: Good

Vered Gersztenkorn (1964-) Israeli painter. Born in Israel in 1964. Vered Gersztenkorn has never studied art academically and considers herself an autodidact. She is especially fond of L'ART BRUT and children’s paintings. "I approach my work spontaneously, according to what I feel at the moment, so it's always a new adventure in form, color, ranging from abstract to figurative… I never know in advance the end result. In a way, I feel like a jazz musician improvising. I enjoy being on the edge, between being lost and having control of my work. This is the place where I find most of my inspiration."