Lot #21263

All You Need to Know By Orna Ben-Shoshan

estimate: $1200 - $1400

starting price: $500

closing price: $500

Description: Signed in English on lower right corner
technique: Oil on canvas
description: Signed in English on lower right corner
Dimension: 80 x 90 cm

Orna Ben-Shoshan (1956-), Israeli painter. Born in Kibbutz Yiphat in 1956. Studies: Graphic studies in Tel Aviv. In 1982 moved to USA until 1996. Lives and works in Raanana. Prizes: First Place, Chimerical Gregs Gallery, California; Second Place, Emerald City, Kansas; Grombacher Prize, Boston. In her studio she creates works that reveal the alternate reality of a dimension where human atmosphere and physical laws are different from those we are familiar with. The viewer is invited to detach him or herself from the usual patterns of conventional thinking of our immediate world, and to reconnect with parts of the collective, infinite intelligence that lies in and beyond our consciousness.