Lot #21303

Boats in Tel Aviv Harbor By Oded Feingersh

estimate: $1400 - $1800

starting price: $900

closing price: $950

Description: Signed and dated on lower left corner
technique: Oil on canvas
description: Signed and dated on lower left corner
Dimension: 65 x 90 cm
condition: Good

Oded Feingersh, Painter and Chemical Engineer. b. 1938, Jerusalem. Studies: 196-63 Bezalel, Jerusalem; 1965-68 Paris, Brussels, Madrid; 1979-83 Avshalom Institute, geography of Eretz Israel. Prizes: 1966 Le Franc Prize for Young Artists, Paris; 1976 Dizengoff Prize. 1982 Stage design for ballet, 'Psalms', for the Kol Demama Company; 199 stage design for 'Camina e Turna' of Kol Demama, Israel Festival. (The Israel Museum in Jerusalem Web Site)