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Charlie Chaplin By Doron Rosenblatt

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Description: Signed and dated on lower right corner
technique: Watercolor and ink on paper
description: Signed and dated on lower right corner
Dimension: 49 x 35 cm
condition: Good
notes: O Charlie Charlie, no one knows as well as you do how hard life is. It doesn't work without manipulation doesn't it? You always knew how to cheat the rich, snatch money from them and win the sympathy of audience's. We were never angry with you for these little schemes. Just between you and us, we are not angels either you know. We saw how the wealthy gents take advantage of you while the wealthy ladies scorn you. Say, why spend a lifetime with pathetic tries to be their puppy? Didn't you make enough in the films? We loved you Charlie. How often did we brush off a tear while you, the eternal vagabond with nothing but a crutch and a mustache, had helped the blind beauty. You always found beautiful women, not rich yet good looking. We were moved when you took care of the child. Speaking of children, is it true Charlie that you enjoyed playing Charlie and the beauty, especially with young girls and preferably not on set? They say that your love was uncontrollable. The younger they were the more you loved the scene. If that is so Charlie, we want you to know that our girls will only watch your films escorted an adult of 16. Just to be on the safe side. (Doron Rozenblat).

Doron Rosenblatt (1958-), Painter. Born in 1958. Studies: WIZO School for Design, Haifa. Designed calendars, catalogues, etc. Wrote and illustrated books,"Mythology of the 2th Century"; "Book of Legends".