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Greta Garbo By Doron Rosenblatt

estimate: $500 - $700

starting price: $360

closing price: $360

Description: Signed and dated on lower right corner
technique: Colored pencils on paper
description: Signed and dated on lower right corner
Dimension: 51 x 33 cm
condition: Good
notes: “When one is forced to watch a film in theater without air conditioning on a flaming-hot summer day, it’d better be a Greta Garbo picture. The frost projected by that woman could not be reproduced in a million years. Not even by an ultra modern air-conditioner. When Greta stabbed her glossy eyes into the arbitrary victim chosen to be her co-star, one could actually see how the poor guys lost their normal, human, standard temperature. They called her “The Devine Garbo”, the modern feminine answer to Mother Mary, kind of Madonna, a saint, and surely enough parallels between the two can easily be detected: Both of them have never gotten married, they both sought to find spiritual expression, only Garbo was smart enough to use the image for the sake of a not so terrible career”. (Text written by the artist: Doron Rozenblat).

Doron Rosenblatt (1958-), Painter. Born in 1958. Studies: WIZO School for Design, Haifa. Designed calendars, catalogues, etc. Wrote and illustrated books,"Mythology of the 2th Century"; "Book of Legends".