Lot #21589

Kleizmer in the Village By Israel Teyer

estimate: $1300 - $1500

starting price: $1000

closing price: $1000

Description: Signed on lower left corner
technique: Acrylic on canvas
description: Signed on lower left corner
Dimension: 80 x 100 cm
condition: Good

Israel Teyer (1949-), Israeli painter. Born in Russia in 1949. Immigrated to Israel in 1949. At an early age, he studied under Abba Fenikel. Later at the National University, he practiced with Parvis, the court artist to the Shah of Iran. For the last five years Teyer has attended classes under the tutorage of the artist Shaike Klainmann. Many of his paintings depict Jewish communities in Eastern Europe previous to WWII. He is also influenced from Impressionist paintings. In Israel, he has exhibited, since 1999, in various galleries and festivals, two in Tel-Aviv Gallery Amlia Arbel and Yad-Labanim, 7 exibitions in Petach-Tikwa. He has demonstrated his abilities in various art mediums, such as watercolor, oil, acrylic and pastels.