Lot #21305

Light- Water-Firmament By Dorit Feldman

estimate: $1400 - $1600

starting price: $500

closing price: $530

technique: Mixed technique and digital print on canvas
Dimension: 47 x 60 cm
condition: Good
notes: “Saturating the expanses of the Judean Desert with the Dead Sea waters, in channels of pure fresh water, is analogous to a vessel’s revitalization with light. In the primal process of Creation, by the discovery of light, water was brought from oblivion and a differentiating firmament within the water was created. That firmament functioned as a screen for the reflected light, allowing for the impartation of light onto the created subjects according to their capacity to absorb and receive. Returning the light as an act of arousing the female waters (Haalat Ma”n or Mayim Nukvin) exposes and expands knowledge (Da’at), performing rectification (tikun): Rectifying a state of split to form a unified view of the world; the inclusion of left-right in the center. The gaze inward from an eye-shaped contour surrounded by linear lashes, fuses manipulated pristine landscape with a current digital reality. The work process likens the abstraction of physicality to penetration into the immanence of the worlds of thought. An attempt to decipher the knowledge of the brain in the dimension of the soul (Neshama) formulates itself as the touch of a spiritual phenomenon through a corporeal organ, as a signification oriented toward the sublime, toward the future.” (Dorit Feldman)

Dorit Feldman (1956-). Born in Israel in 1956. Lives and works in Israel. Studies: 1975-1979: Art Teachers’ Training College (B.F.A.), Ramat Hasharon; 198-1982: Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) at the Institute of Kabbalah Research, Tel Aviv University; 1985-1988: Independent study program, including courses in Art History, Photography, Anthropology, Philosophy, and Italian Language, Tel Aviv University; 1987: School of Visual Arts, New York (M.F.A. Program), International studies, Urbino, Italy (Instructors: Enzo Cucchi, Jannis Kounellis, Eliseo Mattiacci). Solo Exhibitions: 29, 'From Corpus to Light – Dorit Feldman: Three Decades,' The Artists' House, Tel Aviv; 28, 'Through Knowledge Its Rooms are Filled,' Hightouch – A Space for Contemporary Art, Herzliya, Israel; 'Unpredictable Sequences,' The Sammy Ofer School of Communications, The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya; 27, 'Lucid Contexture,' James Gray Gallery, Santa Monica, CA; 24: 'From Conception to Contemplation', The Catto Gallery, London, England; 23: ‘Fusion of Polarities,’ The Gallery at the Georges Leven High-Tech Management School, Tel Aviv University; 22: ‘Transparent Channels: Transversability – Berlin,’ Galerie Solitaire, Berlin, Germany; 21: ‘Transparent Channels,’ LBLux Gallery, Luxembourg; 1999: ‘Golden Heart,’ Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv; 1995: ‘Encoded Libraries,’ Gallery H+W Lang, Graz, Austria; ‘Encoded Libraries,’ Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv; 1992:‘Unified Fields,’ Daphna Naor Contemporary Art, Jerusalem; ‘Distance of the Mind,’ Julie M. Gallery; 1991: 'The Spirit of Time' Arad Museum of Art; 1986: Herzliya Museum of Art; 1985: Avantgarde Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium; 198: Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv.