Lot #21073

Motherhood By Enrico Accatino

estimate: $600 - $800

starting price: $500

closing price: $500

Description: Signed on lower left corner
technique: Oil on cardboard
description: Signed on lower left corner
Dimension: 101 x 71 cm
condition: Rubbed edges, some corners of cardboard are missing, heavy soiling, holes on upper edge.
provenance: Gift of the artist to Mrs. Miriam Novitch

Enrico Accatino (192-) Italian painter, sculptor and designed. Born in Genoa in 192. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and in 1947, after the Second World War, he moved to Paris. There, during the inspiring post-war years he mingled with artists such as Severini, Giacometti, Laurens Pignon and Manessier. Accatino's work from 194 to 1957 was characterized by a figurative tendency, inspired by social themes, one that distinguished him from the ideological – political realism reigning in Italy in that period. A strong human sentiment, directed towards redemption from pain and misery, is expressed by an essential constructionist symbolism (Fisherman, Tuna fishing, Mothers cycles). After a decade in Paris, he won a scholarship from the Belgian American Education Foundation, which took him to Belgium and Holland in 1956. In the second half of the fifties he began to investigate circularity, the theme which was to imprint all of his later graphic, painted and 3-dimensional works as circles, disks, ellipses, with all of their multiple and intersecting meanings. A dedicated art student and theorist, Accatino has often deeply researched fundamental aesthetic categories, such as color, abstraction and 3-dimensionalism. A strenuous supporter of a new Italian culture tied to textiles, from 1966 he was intensely dedicated to the re-launching of tapestry as language, creating bi- and tri-dimensional solutions such his double faced diaphragm tapestries, plastic elements suspended in space. During his long and intense artistic career he attained important national and international recognition, and many of his works are conserved in museums and private collections in Italy and abroad. From 196 to 1964 he was responsible for the planning of a new method of teaching art, through hundreds of television transmissions. He also published numerous and important texts on Visual Arts and the History of Art and held conferences and courses for professors and principals in art instruction. In 198, nominated by the Ministry of Public Education, Enrico Accatino was awarded a gold medal by the President of the Italian Republic. Currently Accatino lives and works in Rome.