Lot #21571

Snow White By Eliaz Slonim

estimate: $900 - $1200

starting price: $800

closing price: $850

Description: Signed on lower right corner
technique: Mixed technique on canvas
description: Signed on lower right corner
Dimension: 66 x 42 cm
condition: Good
notes: “The comforting feature of fairytales is that they have a good ending – but in between things are pretty packed with suspense – like many a TV thriller. They are poisonings, people baked in ovens, fingers cut off. When I think of Snow White the seven dwarfs come to mind with their new-found housekeeper. But the character of Snow White also symbolizes innocence and human kindness. Eliaz Slonim has created a different, astonished, laughing Snow White who sometimes resembles the character of Walt Disney. At the same time she is a figure who seems to anticipate horror = a modern Cassandra? The viewer is expected to do more than just understand the subject matter. The broader meaning is important to the artist, as is life itself”. (Gabriel Muschter).

Eliaz Slonim (1958-) Born in Tel Aviv in 1958. Studies: Avni Art Institute, Tel Aviv; Photography and printing at Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv; The Beaux-Art School of Art, Paris; Curatorial and critical studies at Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv and the Teffen Museum. Member of the Board of the Painters' Association (1992-1995), the Susanne Dellal Dance Center, Artistic Committee for the Gvanim Bamachol Dance Contest and the International Dance Committee (since 199). Member of the Cultural Committee, the Ministry of Education and Culture, Israel (since 1995). Lives and works in Tel Aviv. Selected solo exhibitions: 1885, To the Market I’ll Go, Aphstiod Gallery, Niederlande; 1985, My Little Clown, Rashi Center, Paris; 1986, You and I, 13 and a Half Gallery, tel Aviv; 199, Stage Animal, Susanne Dallal Center, Tel Aviv; 1989, A Nest for a Bird, Shlush Gallery, Tel Aviv; 199, His Nose Is Long, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv; 1993, In Iyar Evrything Grew, Sara Conforti Gallery, Tel Aviv; 1994, Go up, Go Down, Pe’er Gallery, Tel Aviv; 1995, Come Here, Little Airplaine, Neve Tzedek Gallery, Tel Aviv; 1995, Open the Gate, Artists’ Assosiation House, Tel Aviv; 1997, An Autumn Wind Arose, An exhibition at the Tel Aviv Center for Performing Arts, Tel Aviv; 1998, Alice in Wonderland, Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv; 1998, Plexus, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv; 1998, On The Way To The Little Prince, “Yad Lebanim” Gallery, Ra’anana; 1999, Art Now Gallery, Gotenborg, Schweden; 21, Snow White Expressions, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv; 21, Snow white in Wonderland, Municipal Gallery, Holon; 21, Beauty Land, Souvretta House, St. Moritz, Schweiz.