Lot #21327

Three Graces By Varda Ghivoli & Ilan Gelber

estimate: $1800 - $2400

starting price: $800

closing price: $1000

Description: Signed and numbered 7/11
technique: Bronze sculpture
description: Signed and numbered 7/11
Dimension: Height: 21 cm, 27 cm, 32 cm
condition: Good
notes: Varda and Ilan always choose to work on Israeli local stone, thus enhancing their basic link to their country, the local landscape, land and nature. The creations stand out as a result of the artists' deep sensitivity to the material's qualities – ground conditions and the stone's texture – and their capacity to recruit the Israeli particular sunlight to their own aims. As Meir Aharonson wrote in their book Stone Sculptures: …the Egyptians made different sculptures in stone, they understood the local light…and so did other peoples in the region… Varda and Ilan also sculpt in local stone… they work in a stone that absorbs the light, incorporates it and lets out the stone itself. Irit Levin, curator of The Appearances exhibition

Varda Ghivoli (1947-), Ilan Gelber (1951-), Israeli sculptors. Living and working in Old Jaffa. Working together since 1984, specializing in outdoor stone sculptures. Varda Ghivoly and Ilan Gelber work together since 1984. Their creations add a further link to the time-honored chain of stone sculpting. The sources of their artistic heritage lie in Classical stone sculpting, but are nevertheless connected to diverse modern outlooks. The artists hold a rich portfolio of environmental sculptures in Israel as well as abroad. They have spent an extensive period learning stone sculpting in the quarries of Pietra Santa, Italy, where they learned the processing and handling of stone – a strenuous physical work, taking sometimes place in complex environments and demanding specialized skills and firm discipline. Both artists are members of the Artists’ Museum, Lodz, Poland. (International Provisional Artists’ Community), members of International Association of Art IAA (A.I.A.P). Varda Ghivoly is elected secretary of "Impact" the Professional Visual Artists Association, Israel. Established together with the Jewish National Fund the first Stone Symposium in Israel, 1989. Established the first international stone symposium for the Mediterranean countries in Ashkelon, Israel 1997. Participated in 23 Stone Symposiums in Israel & abroad. Participated in about 9 Selected Group Exhibitions in Israel & abroad. 123 environmental, large-scale sculptures & memorials are sited in open space & public sites.