Lot #21541

Women in the Mikveh By Daniel Sergio Chertkoff

estimate: $1300 - $1600

starting price: $900

closing price: $950

Description: Signed on lower left corner
technique: Oil on canvas laid on wood
description: Signed on lower left corner
Dimension: 100 x 110 cm
condition: Good

Daniel Sergio Chertkoff (1962-), Painter, Installations. Born in Argentina in 1962. Immigrated to Israel in 1969. Emigrated to Los Angeles in 1989. Returned to Israel in 1994. Studies: In Argentina and Israel. In L.A. was a member of an artistic group named Noho who did community work with local Hispanic gang members. Exhibitions: 27 “Hardcore Studies”, Installation, Horace Richter Gallery, Old Jaffa, “Tabula Rasa”, Horace Richter Gallery, Old Jaffa; 26 “In the Sea”, The Artist’s Studio, Tel Aviv 25 “Sea front”, The Artist’s Studio, Atarim Square, Tel Aviv, “For Life”, The Museum of Ramat Gan; 23 “Still life', Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv; 23 “Scud in the Square”, relational installation, pre-Golf-war, Rabin square, Tel Aviv; 23 “There isn't Such an Animal”, Interactive installation, “Zebra Festival”, Tel Aviv; 22' “A Kiss to Florentin', studio installation, Tel Aviv; 21 “Architrip”, studio installation, Tel Aviv; 2 “Daniel’s Flying Library”, Bernard Gallery, Tel Aviv; 2 “City”, urban project , Glicman house, Ramat Hasharon; 1999 “Eye Contact”, multimedia installation in the artist studio, Tel Aviv; 1999-24 “The Holyday of Holy Days”, community project , Vady Nisnas, Haifa; 1998 “Hazara”, studio installation ,Tel Aviv; 1995 “Outline” , Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel Aviv; 1994 “Exhibition Six” ,group show, Los Angeles county museum; 1993 “Off the Beaten Path”, Los Angeles festival, group show; 1993 “Reshaping L.A” ,group show, Angel gate cultural center, San Pedro; 1993 “227 sq ft of art”, group show, L.A art association/ MOMA, U.S.A; 1992 “Linearismo” ,solo show the hole in the wall gallery, U.S.A; 1991 “Paintings”, Mocha gallery, Los Angeles; 1989 “Rothchild House”, Haifa; 1988 Group show, Haifa art Association Haifa; 1988 “Paintings”, Chagall House, Haifa.